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If you expected sense the night before a full moon you are a fool.  If I am an exhibitionist, this is for me.  If you are a voyeur, this is for you.  If neither of us are either, what are any of us doing here?



Dear ______, I love you…  I am now in Ventura City at a reform house called Kep Khepera.  I am here for 5 months, and upon Completion I will be discharged from parole and free to pursue the life that is for me that includes a better relationship with you.  Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving.   I am one of the cooks.  Will be my first time Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.  You Know I really miss having females in my life.  Though sometimes they don’t seem worth the effort, With good Communication and correct understanding they can be an ultimate companion.  I have a girlfriend Whose name is Brenda, she lives in Vipomo, Very understanding.  I like her a lot.  I’m not so lonely anymore, but have high hopes for a better life now.  I just completed a 15 questions workbook.  Did not like it much, Cause it was all rehash of old mask, that I have already accepted procured and planted through God to grow differently and better.  How was your birthday and thanksgiving?  I would like if you could Visit me, Yet it’s a long distance, + you have to make three appearances to a class, or make(?) 3 hours on a saturday.  Sucks being so far away.  I didn’t see you much when close.  Write and tell me What’s going well with you, _____, and whom you associate with.

Love Always Dad…

This song perfectly describes my twelfth Thanksgiving.  Salvation Army makes an ok turkey.