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Fonda – Colin Meloy

A scarf is an important weapon for many reasons.  Firstly, it estab. memory cog.  It also creates a false cog. in which it is expected that you be remembered (freedom of movement).  And then there is the attention it draws.  It is hard to be in the moment, said the blonde with the under-dressed friend (what I meant was I found her to be unattractive in a doesn’t take care of herself way).  They were both talking too loudly about what the poor girl in heels was supposed to do for fun on her last night in L.A, all the while casting what I presume to be alluring glances behind them at a bearded gentleman in red corduroy.  I turned up the street as a homeless man (not the same as transient) blew raspberries at me.  This town lies heavy on my soul, I want to close my eyes and sleep forever.  I must remain alert.  And then, awkward human interaction.  Who will save your soul?  We are only lying to ourselves.

Paranoid thoughts; Dissolution.

The man who barked at me, I can’t believe I let him get that close

So close I could feel his teeth on my jugular

And it isn’t like I didn’t see it coming, the second he began

Weaving through my line of sight

A challenge in his step, Look at me it said

But I’m in my head

Willing it not to happen, pretending I’m alone

So I didn’t look

And he called me out


P.S.  Colin Meloy has taken a break from writing songs about obscure historical interactions to focus on a subject even nearer and dearer his heart:  cunnilingus.  Good for him!