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Never turn off laptop before lying down. Close tabs.

As an authority figure it is ok to signal correct behavior.  Observe, I feel I had every right to mewl my way around the house this evening.  Yes, the garage is filled with poker players of the late night variety, but that was no concern to me.  I introduced myself by way of explaining that I had taken three tabs of acid (I hadn’t) and then crawled around their legs looking through any crevice a square foot or larger.  I spent time in the back yard, in the middle of the street, a full three minutes talking to the fifty year old Filipino Uncle smoking his cigarette next door as if he were my cat.  Do you appreciate how long three minutes is?  Now that I have finished my display of bed-time behaviors, I am lying down to sleep soundly.  Can’t you tell?  If my cat needs me, she will let me know.  Until then, she is braving her own wilderness.


P.S.  I promptly shut my laptop, without closing the tabs.  By late night variety I meant Hispanic.  One of them is my room mate, some of them looked like they could accidentally crush me, one seemed sweet on me.  Two of them have probably stood on both sides of a jail cell, I certainly have.  Shame on me for being afraid to make assessments based on how a person looks.  Every one of them was polite and expressed delight at the paltry entertainment I provided.