I have been scavenging boxes from work for days.  The Meticulous One has taken care to cross off all preexisting identifying labels before adding his own.  I will admit, he is the only one who has begun packing.  Every night I have come home with the intention of describing my adventures with the Lost Boys, but have found that said events are requiring a significant portion of my time.  This evening is the first that Marlfox and I have had the house to ourselves.  It will consist of doing the dishes and catching up on other small tasks.  I thought perhaps in lieu of adding this to the list of things I don’t accomplish by the end of the night, it would be appropriate to keep a running dialogue when the opportunity arises.

Chaos erupted Saturday morning with all the heralding of a straight to video release.  Confused at having overslept, I stumbled downstairs in my pajamas, hair a bird’s nest, expecting to find The Resident asleep on the couch.  Instead I found half of the living room missing and the front door open.