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Friday I will be moving for the seventh time since January, 2011.  My goal is to fit everything I own (excepting furniture, and Marlfox) into five boxes.  It averages out to one move every six months, but I did stay in one place for 20 months, so there is that.

Here is this.

V Bridge

||||||||||||| Venerable V_____ Valued at Great Value.  Wanted to No longeR live in a Vault.  Though V_____ is young, I call V_______ Venerable because ________ the mind of an experienced parent, type.  [GrampawRick Rubbing off onto]u  Some of us just are, “FAT.”  AS you are!  FAT is an acronym that means Faithful, Available, and Treachable.

VAL is FAT hahahahahahahahahaha

Yet Veryily, I Say, you have a great physique.    V____ I wanted you to write me a letter.  I was trying to get a visit with you, before I was picked up.  Anyway, that is not important.


I don’t know what kind of information you got or get from any Source about me, but it’s never as accurate as what you’ll get asking direct. FOR INSTANCE: when you asked my mother ______; of my whereabouts.  (where I am) She probably said; he’s in that place, OR on Vacation.  Something to that effect!  Rather than just saying he’s in prison.

Instances like these run rampant in my life.  My mother is very co-dependent, and knows nothing about it.  UP until NOW I made matters worse.

I got an Edumacation – I am Teachable

I would like to learn about my child.

That I may fit into your life as Value.

-That is God‘s will —OVER